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Planting spring bulbs in concrete

I’ve just finished ‘digital education: strategy and policy’, the last compulsory course in my MSc in digital education. (Next up: the dissertation, eeeek.) One metaphor from the early weeks of the course stayed with me throughout the semester: the idea … Continue reading

Strategy and ‘anti-strategy’

I’ve just started the final course for my MSc (‘Digital Education Strategy and Policy’). Week 1 has thrown up many interesting questions, including this one: what exactly do we mean by strategy, particularly in the context of digital education? One … Continue reading

Old habits die hard

I’m constantly surprised by how old-school my learning habits are. When I started my MSc in digital education last year I thought I’d be reading and sharing articles entirely online, perhaps using some kind of futuristic tablet-cum-hoverboard. So how come … Continue reading

Time to hit the (e-)books again

So the leaves are turning here in Scotland, there’s a nip in the air and the kids are watching Strictly Come Dancing. It must be time for the MSc in digital education to start again, woop! I’m about to start … Continue reading

Online assessment: it’s complicated

So that’s semester two of the MSc in digital education done. Online assessment was a challenging but enjoyable subject, with lots of lively debate and activities. Here are five things I think I’ve learned: 1.  Assessment ‘defines the de facto … Continue reading

Reclaiming the language of learning

Being a student at a research conference like Networked Learning 2014 is a bit like being the bloke from work who the bride and groom invited to the wedding but they didn’t actually expect to turn up. You get the … Continue reading

Do you know your free riders from your social loafers?

Until this week I would probably have said that ‘free rider’ and ‘diligent isolate’ appeared in the lyrics to the Manic Street Preachers’ ‘Motorcycle Emptiness‘. And that social loafers was a brand of high-end slippers aimed at ageing hipsters. However, … Continue reading

A bit of inspiration for a Monday morning

Here’s a wonderful video put together by James Lamb to represent the manifesto for teaching online of the MSc in digital education at Edinburgh University: (Here’s a text link too: A manifesto for teaching online (2013 remix)) Some days I … Continue reading

Confessions of a first-time wiki contributor

This week I was contributing to a wiki for the first time. Here are some things you might like to know about wikis: – wiki comes from a Hawaiian word meaning ‘fast’ – there are over 300,000 educational workspaces on PBworks, … Continue reading

Who is assessment for?

Assessment is a huge part of who universities are. It provides evidence that programmes are rigorous and relevant, and can play a decisive role in how students approach their learning. Despite what Homer Simpson might think, most students want proof … Continue reading